Dec 15, 2011

Interview on FOX’s Freedom Watch

Interview on FOX’s Freedom Watch

Judge Andrew Napolitano, host of “Freedom Watch” on the FOX Business channel, is one of the leading voices for libertarianism in the mainstream media. He was kind enough to invite me on his show for an interview! Calling Latter-day Liberty “a great new book,” the Judge dove into important questions regarding the intersection between Mormonism and libertarianism. Watch the four minute clip below:

  1. Andrew Bradley says:

    That was amazing, I live here in SLC and I am talking all day long about the parallels of LDS views and liberty. I would love to help promote your book, let me know what I can do and I will buy one on kindle. Thank you sir. You and I and all of our fellow LDS in the liberty/RonPaul revolution will be the Mormons who will save the constitution as it hangs by a thread…not Romney nor any of the other bought and paid for contenders.

  2. Craig Rollo says:

    Well said Connor. I believe that you are correct that the people of this nation must recognize that government is not the repository of rights, but rather, the protector of natural rights. Whether they believe that these rights come from God or that they come from the simple fact of our humanity is irrelevant.

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